Camilo Hernández Amaya´s work expresses, in a very modern manner, his interest in the most classical foundations of painting: Color and the human form. His visual search is made up of a solid and vibrant pallet, of figures that move in between the urban and surreal, bodies  that seem to melt on the canvas only to transform themeselves in to other things, into text, into clouds, into lines, inton dots and gestures.

Likewise, his most recent photographic work, reveals a more conceptual view regarding his surroundings. It´s a reflection of his interest for the city as well as the manner in which we choose to live within it. his long exposures not only reflect the passage of time in the city, but they also allude to hidden messages between shades of smoke and reflection.

In his work, Hernandez Amaya expresses his interest in freeing man, who instead of living his life submits to it.

Omayra Alvarado